OB/GYN Ultrasound: More than 3D/4D Baby Faces

Ultrasound Treats the Whole Patient

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Women rely on their physician for a range of healthcare issues from pregnancy to female issues.  Being able to address a woman’s health needs contributes to patient loyalty.  Treating the whole patient instead of referring her elsewhere is not only convenient, it streamlines her health.  Types of sonography include:

  • Obstetric: Evaluate the position of the fetus, diagnose congenital abnormalities, assess the size and growth of the fetus, determine if there are multiple fetus’
  • Gynecology: Evaluate the organs in the pelvic region, assess the ovaries and uterus for cysts or fibroids, evaluate the uterine lining.

Many options for ultrasound machines are available, meeting budgetary requirements.  The cost of an ultrasound machine may be less expensive than you thought.  Choices are available for cart-based or portable ultrasound machines, allowing for practice flexibility.

We offer 12 reasons why a physician would add an ultrasound machine to their OB/GYN practice:

  1. Physicians trained in ultrasound can provide more comprehensive clinical services to their patients
  2. In-office ultrasound exams improve patient care by comparing physical exams, bloodwork and complete patient history
  3. Diagnosis and confirmation of a viable pregnancy(ies)
  4. Determine dating of fetus
  5. Ultrasound is safe for the mother and fetus (no known bio-effects)
  6. Ultrasound can give indications for early fetal pathology
  7. Conduct needle guided procedures such as amniocentesis
  8. Diversify patient service offerings and offer desirable 3D/4D memento CDs of the fetus
  9. Manage progress and growth of multiples
  10. Ultrasound is a cheaper modality and if done in a physician office, it is comfortable for the patient and adds income to the physician’s practice
  11. Increase billing revenue for your practice instead of outsourcing to hospitals or imaging centers
  12. Ultrasound machine payoff can occur within one year of ownership

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