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ACR- Ultrasound Equipment Preventative Maintenance Service Plan
Exceptional Benefits of Regular Preventative Maintenance Enables Truly Cost-Effective Service Protection

If you are cost conscious, we suggest considering UMI’s ACR Preventative Maintenance Plan. The best choice for a cost-effective ultrasound service protection plan to maintain the performance and quality of your ultrasound equipment. Users that prefer this plan want to contain unplanned expenses by leveraging the benefits or regularly scheduled preventative maintenance checks to keep their ultrasound equipment up-and-running.

UMI’s ACR Ultrasound Equipment Preventative Maintenance Plan Features include:

  • Preventative maintenance (PM) checks that are American College of Radiology (ACR) compliant.
  • PMs are performed twice within the contract year along with a full safety inspection, diagnostic performance evaluation, and all corrective maintenance.
  • 20% discount on all parts purchased within the contract period and definition. (Not covered are transducers replaced due to accidental damage.)
  • Quality assured factory parts.
  • Next day part delivery with same day technical support.
  • All service records maintained in accordance with prevailing authorities (ACR and HRS).
  • Hard copy documentation and service reports provided at no additional cost.

Additional Support is Available When You Need Us.

UMI service engineers are available to assist you on-site at our preferred normal business and after hour rates.