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Philips Lumify 1
Portable Philips Lumify Ultrasound

A better vision for portable MSK ultrasound

Compact and intuitive, the Lumify portable msk ultrasound machine gives you easy access to incredible musculoskeletal imaging out on the field.  Send your high-quality images and video loops right from your compatible smartphone or android device.


Whether you’re assessing a patient injury or need to do a joint injection, the Lumify L12-4 portable musculoskeletal ultrasound machine allows you to see muscle and tissue in exceptional detail. High accuracy means more confidence, less time to a treatment plan, and improved patient satisfaction.

Portable Philips CX50 Ultrasound

Premium Performance Compact Ultrasound

The CX50 CompactXtreme provides premium class performance in compact ultrasound system – even on technically difficult patients. So you don’t have to sacrifice performance to get the portability benefits of a compact ultrasound product.

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