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A recent customer survey has shown that United Medical Instruments, Inc. hits the mark in customer care, service, and education.

When I began looking at an ultrasound system for my busy practice, I wanted to make sure the system is proficient with vascular as well as echocardiogram studies.  I researched different systems and when the Terason system was demonstrated in my office, I fell in love with it.  I dealt with United Medical Instruments, Inc. with the sale of the system.  They were very professional and helpful.  UMI gave me a good price which I felt was fair considering what the system does.  They were available to me, even on weekends with trouble shooting and resolving any issues I had.  Their IT people were great as well.  What I liked about the system is that we are able to send images to the reading physician’s and get a report in an expeditious manner.  I do highly recommend this system and United Medical Instruments, Inc. as your sales representative.  You will be glad you did.

Dr. George Ayyad

After going to various displays at the Western, I was attracted to UMI’s display.  They had the SonoSite MicroMaxx which is the same unit used at my local hospital on the surgical floor. We discussed the advantages and limitations of the MicroMaxx with honest answers to my questions.  I was happy to hear that it was made in the US and had a five year warranty.  UMI also offered a refurbished unit with the same manufacturer’s warranty but for almost 30%less.  I have used the unit now for over 6 months and have had great success with SonoSite and UMI.  UMI has helped the entire way with loaning the MircoMaxx to me for 2 weeks to see if it was the right unit for me, to giving me in-office training with almost 24/7 help when needed from their medical consultant.  I have no reservations recommending UMI to all of my colleagues if they want a truly professional experience.

Gary Scheinin, D.P.M. Los Gatos, CA

I have been a practicing vein specialist since 2001.  I am Board certified in Phlebology and understand how important ultrasound equipment as well as follow-up service is to the safety and  success of my practice.  United Medical Instruments and its team of techs and staff have always offered great service and timely support.  They recommended the most appropriate machine for my needs…not the most expensive.  I had a probe fail during my Saturday cases and their service engineer drove out with a replacement probe delivering it in less than 2 hours.  Annual maintenance, advise on new or used equipment is insightful and free.  United Medical Instruments has become a vital member of my team and I could not be happier with our 8 year relationship.

Nick Hyde, MD

I’ve had my Acuson for about a year.  It is without question the finest ultrasound system I’ve owned.  It is user-friendly and provides a great image with excellent Doppler and Color Flow operation.  The export feature for images and video clips is very handy for teaching.  Thanks for the excellent service that UMI has provided and for the fine ultrasound machine.  I remain delighted with it.

Steven E. Zimmet, MD, RVT, FACPh

I have been a practicing  Phlebologist for 9 years and rely on ultrasound as a diagnostic tool.  After dealing with other ultrasound vendors, I am completely satisfied with my ultrasound vendor choice.  United Medical Instruments really supports Phlebology practitioners.  They offer a variety of equipment with reasonable pricing and provide great service and support.

Edward Mackay, MD, FACS

We purchased a Siemens SONOLINE G40 ultrasound for our vein practice last fall.  We were so pleased with the quality of the device and the support from UMI, that we bought a second one a few months later.  From a service and technical support standpoint, UMI provided us with everything we needed.  After purchasing equipment from other vendors in the past, we have been left on our own to solve any problems that arise.  We were pleased with UMI’s response to technical questions, operational issues, and their prompt responses.  We now are on our 4th ultrasound from UMI in less than a year, and have received the same support.  Our business is rapidly growing and we need to be able to depend on technical partners to supply our needs.

Charles Mok, D.O.

I have been a general surgeon in Fairbanks, Alaska for 15 years and wanted to purchase another, more up-to-date machine.  When I purchased my first ultrasound machine 4 years ago from another vendor I learned the “hard way.”  Essentially the machine was delivered and after the sale, I was on my own.  I had to travel to the lower 48 states to learn how to use the machine.  This time not only was I looking for a state-of-the-art machine, I was looking for company that could address my unique situation here in Alaska and help me get properly trained on the new machine.  United Medical Instruments addressed my individual needs and arranged for Jeanette Ashby to fly to Alaska to train me.  Mrs. Ashby not only taught me how to use my new machine, she helped me improve my skills and knowledge of in office ultrasound-vascular and breast.  Subsequently, I have been in contact with the company and they have helped me with ultrasound documentation templates, room layout, workflow, and CME strategies.  I feel lucky to have picked this vendor out of the crowd.

Jon F. Lieberman, MD, FACS