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With over 20 years of experience providing ultrasound equipment to thousands of customers with different needs and many choices available, United Medical Instruments, Inc. (UMI) can share with you the good –and the bad about all major manufacturers' products to assist you in selecting the ultrasound machine that is right for you. We are here to help!

Feature Product of the Month

Philips Lumify

Point-of-care lung and cardiac imaging solutions

Lung ultrasound has high sensitivity for numerous lung pathologies, such as its use in evaluation of respiratory distress characterized by increased B-lines in the areas of consolidation.

* The portability, ease-of-cleaning, and affordability of ultrasound make it an advantageous tool for assessing various lung pathologies, as well as for evaluating disease progression

Mindray M8 Elite

The Mindray M8 Elite Portable Ultrasound Machine is based on Mindray’s new generation ultrasound platform, mQuadro.The Mindray M8 Elite has raised industry standards to an all new level.Its advanced signal transmission and reception processors provide highly sensitive and accurate echo detection.