10 Reasons Why You Need a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Increased Population Drives More Services

It’s a fact: Diagnostic ultrasound improves patient care.

There are more people present and living longer than in the past. For sonographic professionals this means a range of patient services are needed to meet the health demands of the population. Diagnostic ultrasound covers a range of clinical applications including:

Whether providing screening exams for preventive care, or evaluating a specific area of concern, ultrasound image quality rivals that of more expensive modalities like MRI or CT, but with real-time results and at a fraction of the cost.

Many options for ultrasound machines are available, meeting budgetary requirements. The cost of an ultrasound machine may be less expensive than you thought. Choices are available for portable ultrasound machines, allowing for practice flexibility.

Siemens Acuson P300 portable ultrasound machine

If you’re considering a purchase of a compact ultrasound machine,  read on to discover our reasons why this makes sense:

  1. Physicians trained in ultrasound can provide more comprehensive clinical services to their patients
  2. In-office ultrasound exams improve patient care by comparing physical exams, bloodwork and complete patient history
  3. Conduct real time evaluation of area of concern
  4. Evaluate pathology and decide on next steps faster, saving the patient time and money
  5. Diversify patient service offerings and meet the healthcare demands of an aged population
  6. Perform biopsies or joint injections using ultrasound guidance with 99% accuracy
  7. Preventive care includes ultrasound screening, improving patient care
  8. Remain competitive with peers offering same services
  9. Increase billing revenue for practice
  10. Expand practice growth to take portable ultrasound mobile to other locations

Want to start comparing portable ultrasound machines?  Use our matrix!

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