Toshiba Canon Aplio XG

Toshiba Aplio XG Ultrasound

Exceptional Performance, Simply Superb Image Quality

Aplio XG simplifies your most challenging demands of diagnostic precision and workflow optimization. A complete host of the most advanced imaging and productivity features make it today’s most intelligent solution for satisfying robust imaging requirements while simultaneously boosting your efficiency.

Below is a generalized description of this systems technology, specifications, features, and options. The below may not reflect the features and options available on units in our inventory.

Exceptional Performance, Simply Superb Image Quality.
Aplio XG provides outstanding clinical performance backed by a comprehensive array of unique, clinically validated technologies. Its full range of high-performance imaging functions lets you visualize minute tissue details and vascular structures with precision for a faster, more accurate diagnosis.
Differential Tissue Harmonic (DTI) technology provides images of unsurpassed spatial resolution and contrast
ApliPure real-time compounding
With SmartFocus Toshiba is the f‌irst to introduce genuine 4D technology to conventional 20 imaging transducers.
 MicroPure is a unique technology that can assist you in identifying micro-calcif‌ications, a potential marker for malignancy in breast tumors.
Aplio XG’s comprehensive 3D/4D imaging package extends your diagnostic capabilities into the next dimension of imaging and intervention by providing accurate renderings and arbitrary volume cuts in real time or offline.
Advanced Dynamic Flow adds superior spatial resolution to color Doppler to reveal minute vasculature with unprecedented accuracy and detail.
Built More Intelligently to Make Your Work Easier.
Featuring Toshiba’s unique and innovative iStyle package, Aplio XG is designed to support you in
carrying out your examinations more eff‌iciently and with an ergonomically correct, neutral posture.
Virtually all buttons on Aplio XG’s console can be reassigned to suit your specif‌ic clinical requirements
and personal preferences resulting in better reach, fewer keystrokes and a shorter learning curve. The
mode-sensitive color Touch Command Screen enables you to access advanced functions directly as
One-touch QuickScan helps you to achieve greater workflow consistency in less time. With a simple
push of a button, you can automatically optimize image quality in 2D and spectral Doppler modes with
acoustic precision while suppressing white noise in echo-weak regions.
iASSISTT” supports you in performing technically challenging exams by executing programmable
protocols with a simple keystroke. The Bluetooth”‘- enabled remote control lets you operate the system
from a distance.

System Specifications

  • Weight: 374.9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 23″ W x 54″.7 – 70.5″ H x 35″ – 39.8″ D


  • 19-inch LCD monitor
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024 with a viewing angle of 170°

Imaging Modes & Processing

  • B-mode
  • M-mode
  • Spectrum Doppler
  • Color Doppler
  • Reference signal (UJUR-A500A or UJUR-A501 A required)
  • Contrast Harmonic Imaging (USHl-A500A required)
  • CHI-Q (USHl-A500A & USCQ-A500A required)
  • MicroPure (USMP-A500A required)
  • Elastography-FLR (USEL-A501A required)
  • 4D (UlMV-A500A required)
  • Smart Fusion (USFN-A500A & UlFR—A500A required)
  • Fly Thru (UlMV-A500A AND USFT-500A required)
  • 20 Wall Motion Tracking (UJUR-A500A or UJUR- A501A & USWT-A500A required)
  • Stress Echo (UJUR -A500A or UJUR-A501A & USSE-A500A required)

User Interface & Remappable Controls

  • Customizable User Interface and Touch Screen Display

Application- Specific Calculations

  • Cardiac
  • Obstetrics
  • Vascular

On Board Image & Clip Storage/ Review

  • 8 GB internal Flash memory storage capability
    • Potential to store 30,000 images or 960
      2-second clips
  • Clip Store capability (maximum single clip length: 60 seconds)
  • Clip Store capability via either number of heart cycles (using the ECG) or time base Maximum storage in ECG beats mode is 10 heart cycles Maximum storage in time base mode is 60 seconds
  • Cine review up to 255 frame-by-frame images

Measurement Tools, Pictograms, & Annotations

  • 2D: Distance calipers, ellipses and manual trace
  • Doppler: Velocity measurements, pressure half time, auto and manual trace
  • M-Mode: Distance and time measurements, heart rate calculation
  • User-selectable text and pictograms
  • User-def‌ined, application-specif‌ic annotations


  • DlCOM (option)
  • DVD Input / output
    • S-VHS (input & Output)
    • VCR control Signal: RS-232C
  • Printer Signal
    • USB ports (2)
  • 5 Channel External USB for data transfer
  • Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Base T: 1 channel
  • Footswitch: 2 switch footswitch

Peripheral Devices

  • B/W digital printer. Sony UP-D897 or Mitsubishi PQSDW

System Applications & Reporting

  • Abdomen
  • Contrast Imaging
  • General Imaging
  • Intraoperative/ Interventional
  • Lithotripsy
  • Neonatal
  • Pediatrics
  • Renal

Pain Management Imaging

  • Musculoskeletal (MSK)

Women’s Imaging

  • Advanced OB
  • Breast Imaging (Option)
  • Gynecology
  • Obstetrics
  • Elastography

Cardiac Imaging

  • Cardiac Screening/ Survey (Option)
  • Fetal Echo (Option)
  • ECG (Option)
  • Neonatal Echo
  • Stress Echo

Small Parts

  • Breast (Option)
  • Testicle
  • Thyroid

Urology Imaging

  • Pelvis
  • Penile
  • Prostate

Vascular Imaging

  • Arterial
  • Carotid
  • IMT
  • Digital
  • Transcranial
  • Venous

Structured Reporting

  • DICOM-Cardiac Structured Reporting
  • DICOM-Vascular Structured Reporting
  • DICOM-OB/GYN Structured Reporting


  • Linear Array 4-14 MHz*
  • Intraoperative/ Hockey Stick 4-14 MHz*
  • Curved Array 1.9-9.2 MHz*
  • Micro Convex 1.8-10.5 MHz*
  • Phased / Sector Array 1.8-8.5 MHz*
  • Biopsy 1.9-6 MHz*
  • Endocavity 4.7-8.8 MHz*
  • Endorectal 5-10 MHz*
  • Veterinary (Equine) 1.8-10.5 MHz*

Cardiac Transducers/ Probes

  • Adult Cardiac 1.8-6 MHz*
  • Pediatric Cardiac 3-8.5 MHz*
  • Pencil 2 MHz & 5 MHz
  • TEE 2.5-7.5 MHz*

3D / Volume Transducers/ Probes

  • Abdominal 1.8-7.2 MHz*
  • Endocavity 4.7-8.8 MHz*
  • Linear 7.2-14 MHz*

*Displayed MHz range includes multiple transducers

  • PVT 745BTF
  • PLT 1204BX
  • PLT 604AT
  • PLT 704AT
  • PLT 704SBT
  • PLT 805AT
  • PLT 1202S
  • PLT 1204BT
  • PVT 375BT
  • PVT 382BT
  • PVT 674BT
  • PVT 712BT
  • PVT 661VT
  • PVT 770RT
  • PST 65AT
  • PST 50AT
  • PST 30BT
  • PST 25BT
  • PLT 705BTF
  • PLT 705 BTH
  • PVT 745BTV
  • PVT 350BTP
  • PLT 1204MV
  • PVT 681MV
  • PVT 675MV
  • PVT 575MV
  • PVT 375MV
  • PVT 382MV
  • PET 512MC
  • PET 511BTM
  • PET 510MB
  • PC 50M
  • PC 20M