Philips EPIQ 7

Philips EPIQ 7 Transducers

Philips EPIQ 7 eL18-4 Transducer

2.0-22.0 MHz Ultra-Broadband Linear Array Transducer

Applications: Small Parts, Breast, Vascular, Musculoskeletal, Bowel, Pediatric & OB imaging.

Philips EPIQ 7 L18-5 Transducer

5.0-18.0 MHz Linear Array Transducer

Applications: Small Parts, Breast, Vascular & Musculoskeletal Imaging

Aperture: 38.9 mm

Philips EPIQ 7 L12-3 Transducer

3.0-12.0 MHz Linear Transducer

Applications: Small Parts, Breast, Superficial, Vascular & MSK

35 mm effective aperture length

Philips EPIQ 7 L15-7io Transducer

7.0-15.0 MHz Linear Hockey Stick Transducer

Applications: Vascular Surgical, Cardiac-Epicardial, Superficial Vascular, MSK & Small Parts

23 mm effective aperture length

Philips EPIQ 7 L12-5 50mm Transducer

5.0-12.0 MHz Linear Array Transducer

Applications: Breast, Thyroid, Superficial Small Parts; Musculoskeletal Tendon, Abdomen Bowel & Vascular

Aperture: 50mm

Philips EPIQ 7 C10-4ec Transducer

4.0-10.0 MHz Curved Array Transducer

Applications: Endocavity including Vaginal & Rectal

Aperture: 24.3 mm

Philips EPIQ 7 C9-2 Transducer

2.0-9.0 MHz Curved Array Transducer w/ PureWave Crystal Technology

Applications: General Purpose Obstetrical and Gynecological, Small Adult & Pediatric Abdominal

Aperture: 53.76 mm

Philips EPIQ 7 C5-1 Transducer

1.0-5.0 MHz Curved Transducer

Applications: Abdominal, Interventional & OB/GYN


Philips EPIQ 7 C8-5 Transducer

5.0-8.0 MHz Curved Transducer

Applications: OB/GYN, Fetal Echo, Vascular, Pediatric, Neonatal & Urology

Philips EPIQ 7 C10-3v Transducer

3.0-10.0 MHz Endocavity Transducer

Applications: Endovaginal

End-f‌ire sector, 11.5 mm radius of curvature, 130° f‌ield of view

Philips EPIQ 7 S8-3 Transducer

3.0-8.0 MHz Sector Transducer

Applications: Cardiac, Echo, Fetal Echo, Pediatric Echo

Philips EPIQ 7 S5-1 Transducer

1.0-5.0 MHz Sector Transducer

Applications: Adult & Pediatric Cardiology

Philips EPIQ 7 S12-4 Transducer

4.0-12.0 MHz Sector Transducer

Applications: Cardiac & Pediatric Cardiac

Philips EPIQ 7 S7-3t Transducer

3.0-7.0 MHz TEE Transducer

Applications: Pediatric & Small Adult Cardiac

Philips EPIQ 7 S8-3t Transducer

3.0-8.0 MHz TEE Transducer

Applications: Pediatric, Infant, & Adult TEE

Tip: 7.5 x 5.5 x 18.5 mm (width, height, length)

Philips EPIQ 7 X7-2t Transducer

2.0-7.0 MHz TEE Transducer

Applications: Adult cardiac

Electronic rotatable array from 0 to 180 degrees

Philips EPIQ 7 3D9-3v Transducer

3.0-9.0 MHz Endocavity Transducer

Applications: OB/GYN

130° f‌ield-of-view

Philips EPIQ 7 VL13-5 Transducer

5.0-13.0 MHz Volume Transducer

Applications: Small Parts, Breast & Vascular


Philips EPIQ 7 V6-2 Transducer

2.0-6.0 MHz Volume Transducer

Applications: Interventional & Contrast

Field of View. 66°

Philips EPIQ 7 X6-1 Transducer

1.0-6.0 MHz  xMATRIX Array Transducer with PureWave Crystal Technology

Applications: Abdominal, Obstetrics, Fetal, Gynecology & Vascular

Philips EPIQ 7 X5-1 Transducer

1.0-5.0 MHz xMATRIX Array Transducer with PureWave Crystal Technology

Applications: Adult/Pediatric Cardiac, Abdominal Vascular & TCD

Philips EPIQ 7 D2cwc Transducer

2 MHz Pencil Probe

Applications: Cardiac


Philips EPIQ 7 D2tcd Transducer

2.0 MHz TCD Transducer

Applications: Transcranial Doppler & Peripheral Vascular

Philips EPIQ 7 D5cwc Transducer

5 MHz Pencil Probe for Vascular

Applications: Deep Venous & Deep Arterial