Used GE Voluson S8 Ultrasound

Used GE Voluson S8 Ultrasound System

Take the work out of workflow,

The Voluson S8 supports a wide range of advanced 2D and 3D probes, which enable high quality images with exceptional reliability.


System intelligence and probe technology combine to produce outstanding image quality with minimal user interaction – just place the probe and scan with confidence.







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The Voluson S8 system opens new opportunities in clinical imaging while enabling the efficiency and productivity that busy practices demand. Among its advantages: 
  • Sophisticated fetal assessment tools to help support earlier, more detailed evaluationsInnovative probe technologies to support thorough evaluations of even the most challenging patients
  • Easy imaging, with system intelligence and probe technology combining to produce outstanding images with minimal user interaction
  • Extraordinary image quality—the foundation of Voluson ultrasound— to help achieve a clear view into obstetric and gynecologic exams
  • Easy-to-use automation tools that help streamline workflow, forge stronger connections with patients and referring physicians, and control costs Ergonomic design that simplifies how users interact with the system and helps provide optimal comfort while scanning

High diagnostic confidence. Superb applications flexibility. Advanced yet affordable technology. Peace of mind that comes from making Voluson ultrasound part of your practice. The Voluson S8 delivers what you’ve been looking for in an ultrasound system. 

Automation tools at your fingertips 
SonoNT™ (Sonography-based Nuchal Translucency)—an easy-to-use, semi-automated tool to provide quantifiable NT measurements  
  • SonoVCAD™heart (Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display heart) helps streamline the acquisition of volumetric images of the fetal heart, displaying all six recommended views with the push of one button
  • SonoAVC™follicle (Sonography-based Automated Volume Count follicle) automatically calculates the number and volume of hypoechoic structures to speed follicular assessments 
  • SonoVCADlabor (Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display labor) SonoVCADlabor automatically documents the labor procedure to help users evaluate
    second-stage labor progression.
  • STIC (Spatio-Temporal Imaging Correlation) captures a full fetal heart cycle
    beating in real time, and the volume can be
    saved for offline analysis 
  • 19-inch, flat-screen, adjustable LCD monitor. The large, high-resolution monitor helps to increase visibility and reduce eye fatigue.
Intuitive user interface 
  • Console adjusts independently from the monitor, creating a flexible work center customizable for each user. Ergonomic and intuitive design provides fast access to frequently used functions. 
Convenient probe holders and touch-and-go probes 
  • Accommodates up to 4 lightweight, efficient probes—for easy reach during exams and protection during transport
Sleek, lightweight console 
  • Slides easily into small spaces and moves with ease.
Fewer keystrokes for faster exams 
  • Intuitive design provides fast access to frequently used functions to help reduce exam times and eases learning curve. Automation tools help streamline exams and improve quality.  
Volume (3D/4D) Imaging—made easy 
  • Multiple display options provide flexibility with a volume. Take advanced measurements with computational tools such as VOCAL and SonoAVC™follicle. Raw Data enables a virtual rescan
    of the patient after the exam from the console or workstation.
Easy Communication and Storage
  • DICOM™ compliant and compatible with many EMR systems. USB ports make it easy to share data via memory sticks. The DVD drive doubles as a DVD recorder for streamlined workflow, and WLAN network connection provides wireless connectivity.





With the Voluson S8, you can feel confident that you have the tools to expand your women’s health imaging services in new directions. The system is upgradable, enabling you to add more advanced capabilities as your practice grows.

Advanced OB/GYN 
  • With the addition of advanced probe and image enhancement tools, you can achieve greater visualization to support your decision-making.
  • C1-5 abdominal probe for clear imaging of even your largest patients
  • Wide bandwidth, high-frequency 3D convex probe (RAB4-8) for consistent image quality from first to third trimester scanning
  • 3D wide field-of-view transvaginal probe (RIC5-9W) enabling you to see more anatomical information displayed in a single image Download the probe brochure
Early first and second-trimester evaluations 
  • Voluson’s capabilities allow you to visualize anatomical information with clarity
  • VCI (Volume Contrast Imaging) helps deliver higher contrast resolution in the acquisition plane, or all three planes of a volume, enabling higher-quality anatomical assessment.
  • HD-Zoom capabilities help users localize regions of interest for closer study.
  • TUI (Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging) helps simplify analysis and documentation of dynamic studies with a simultaneous view of multiple parallel slices of a volume data set.
Performing complex procedures
The Voluson S8 system provides the sophisticated imaging capabilities that clinicians require for complex diagnostic work-ups and the demands of reproductive medicine, including:
  • Coded Contrast Imaging, which allows the detection of a contrast agent inside tissue to help enhance visualization and increase diagnostic confidence.
  • Ultrasound elastography, a non-invasive, diagnostic technique performed in correlation with conventional B-mode ultrasound. Elastography provides highly-detailed information about internal tissue structures during breast and gynecologic evaluations.
Fetal cardiac assessment

The Voluson S8 system helps facilitate more detailed fetal cardiac assessments with a suite of advanced fetal echo imaging technologies:

  • STIC (Spatio Temporal Image Correlation) enables detailed three-dimensional images of the heart that can be viewed in motion. Clinicians can visualize an entire fetal heart cycle – information that can help improve detection of fetal heart defects.
  • Anatomical M-mode helps improve accuracy of arrhythmia assessments and cardiac measurements.
  • SonoVCADheart (Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display) helps streamline the acquisition of volumetric images of the fetal heart, displaying all six recommended views with the push of one button, helping clinicians conduct comprehensive exams.

Voluson S-Series ultrasound transducers include an assortment of 2D, 3D and RealTime 4D technologies.

Their wide selection of transducers provides you application flexibility and helps you achieve excellent image quality on every exam.

From routine exams to the technically difficult patient, Voluson® transducers provide you the performance and capabilities your busy department demands 

Transducer Types 
  • Wide-Band Convex
  • Wide-Band Micro-convex
  • Wide-Band Linear Array
 Volume probes '4D':
  • Convex Array
  • Micro-convex Array
Transducers / Probes (*Displayed MHz range includes multiple transducers) 
  • Linear Array 4-12 MHz
  • Curved Array 2-8 MHz*
  • Endocavity 4-10 MHz
3D / Volume Transducers/Probes 
  • Abdominal 2-8 MHz
  • Endocavity 4-9 MHz

GE Voluson S8 Probes / Transducers

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