Acuson Sequoia 8L5t Transducer

Acuson Sequoia 8L5t Transducer

8-5 MHz Linear Transducer for Intraoperative liver, kidney, pancreas, vasculature, epiaortic and epicardial imaging

Transducer Details:

  • 8L5t Transducer
  • Frequency Bandwidth: 5 - 8 MHz


  • Side-fire "T" shape linear array design
  • Compatible with sterile transducer sleeves
  • Extra long cable
  • Extended MultiHertz multiple frequency imaging


  • Intraoperative liver
  • Kidney
  • Pancreas
  • Vasculature
  • Epiaortic
  • Epicardial imaging

Compatible With:

  • ACUSON Sequoia C512 echocardiography system
  • ACUSON Sequoia C256 echocardiography system

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