Podiatry Ultrasound

High resolution ultrasound has come into mainstream Podiatric medicine as a first line imaging modality to assess and diagnose soft tissue pathology of tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

High resolution, diagnostic ultrasound benefits include:

  • Real time evaluation of soft tissue thickness, viscosity of fluid, and point of maximal intensity pain.
  • Evaluation of strains/sprains, tendonitis hematoma, muscle tears and disruptions.
  • Provides PRECISE guidance for injections, needle placement for biopsy, aspiration, and visualization of needle placement.
  • Ultrasound is a non-invasive, cost effective modality that frequently eliminates the necessity for an MRI.
Recommended Systems for Podiatric Applications


Esaote MyLab™Gamma Breast Imaging Ultrasound System

A World without Boundaries with Smart Portable Ultrasound.

MyLab™Gamma is a best in class, highly-portable, ‘green’ ultrasound system. Based on Esaote’s productivity-oriented operating platform, the super-light, feature packed portable system sets ultrasound free to be used in any environment at a moment’s notice, from Point-of-Care to Shared Service solutions


 Includes 5-year standard warranty

Below is a generalized description of this systems technology, specifications, features and options. The below may not reflect the features and options available on units in our inventory.

MyLab™One/Touch Ultrasound Machine

Easote MyLab™One Touch Ultrasound Machine

Portable Ultrasound With A Touch

The MyLab™One/Touch is a revolutionary high performance arm-held ultrasound scanner with a 12" full touch-screen display ultrasound system reflects perfectly today's need for diagnostic capabilities in many different fields of application: Radiology, Cardiology, Phlebology, Womens' Healthcare, Orthopaedics, Regional Anaesthesia, Sports Medicine, Interventional, Rheumatology, First-aid, Emergency, Vascular screening, General Practice.



Below is a generalized description of this systems technology, specifications, features and options. The below may not reflect the features and options available on units in our inventory.

Siemens Acuson P300 Ultrasound Machine

Siemens Acuson P300 Podiatry Imaging Ultrasound System


The Acuson P300 offers advanced image optimization tools such as panoramic imaging, speckle reduction and spatial compounding, which optimize the imaging data automatically, improve the diagnostic confidence and supporting efficient clinical workflow.

  • A solid compact system designed for high performance and reliability
  • Built for portability and ease of use
  • 15" XVGA LCD monitor
  • High frequency imaging up to 18.0 MHz bandwidth on linear transducers to provide detailed and precise imaging
  • Optimized for applications in breast, small parts, and OB/GYN
  • Wide selection of Linear, Convex, Phased, and Endocavity probes

Toshiba Viamo Ultrasound Machine

Toshiba Viamo Podiatry Imaging Ultrasound System


The Viamo is equipped to provide you with proven advanced imaging technologies from Toshiba's larger systems.


These technologies will give you consistent image quality with less manipulation for greater diagnostic confidence.

  • State of the art technology
  • Intuitive 15" LCD touch screen monitor
  • High Frequency Transducers with 5+ selectable frequency ranges for better diagnostic capabilities
  • Totally Customizable console and touch panel
  • Up to 5 years warranty available

Siemens Acuson X150 Ultrasound Machine

Siemens Acuson X150 Podiatry Imaging Ultrasound Machine


The Siemens Acuson X150 ultrasound system was designed to provide clinical users with exceptional performance integrated with the best of ultrasound imaging technology.


  • Combines image quality, scalable functionality, and ergonomic design
  • Includes a rotating 15" flat panel display








SonoSite M-Turbo Ultrasound Machine

SonoSite M-Turbo Podiatry Ultrasound System


The premier portable ultrasound system, the SonoSite M-Turbo was introduced in 2007 and offers superior image quality for assessment and treatment monitoring of patients as well as needle visualization software to ensure accuracy of needle guided injections.

  • Advanced needle visualization software
  • Sharp contrast resolution and clear tissue delineation
  • 16 times the processing power of previous SonoSite generations
  • 5 years warranty

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