As a trusted resource to our customers, United Medical Instruments, Inc. strives to bring current ultrasound related information to our physicians. As an added value service, we have assembled a list of 2017 CPT codes for ultrasound procedures that you can access for FREE! 

US CPT Codes 2017

United Medical Instruments recognizes the need to accurately code and bill for an ultrasound examination. Historically, the information distributed reflected a “Global” reimbursement value.

UMI, your One Call Solution, now provides you with a direct link that allows you to obtain reimbursement information that is geographically and carrier specific to your specialty practice.

Specialty specific CPT code information provided in the links sub section on the right does not guarantee or imply payment. It is the responsibility of the health care provider to properly code and seeks reimbursement for rendered medically appropriate and necessary service.

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