Ultrasound Equipment Time and Materials Support Plan


Time & Materials Service Plans are a Very Economical Option

At UMI we understand some ultrasound departments are adept at maintaining their own equipment and only need our services on occiasion. For those customers, our Time & Materials Support Plan is the most economical and effective option.

The Time & Materialsl Support Service Plan Features Include:

  • Our standard time and materials labor rates apply with a normal 2-hour minimum for each call.
  • Access to Technical Support servies 24X7 to provide timely response to your ultrasound equipment repair questions. Charges apply at our standard rates.
  • Quality assured factory parts when ordered.
  • All parts are delivered next day.

Pricing Information

UMI pricing is competitive with other third party service providers. Billable fees assume a two-hour minimum and are based upon used hourly services at our prevailing rates and costs associated with replacement parts ordered.  UMI's service plan pricing is subject to change. 

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