General Specification

The X5 system adopts advanced ultrasonic Doppler technologies, Full Digital Super-wide Band Beam Former, Digital Dynamic Focusing, Variable Aperture and Dynamic Tracing, Wide Band Dynamic Range, Multi-Beam Parallel Processing, etc., and is equipped with ergonomic design and customizable multi-language graphic interface, which provide users intuitive operation of the system with minimum degree of training or guidance and enhance the diagnostic experience in clinic. The X5 is designed to comply with applicable international standards and regulations, ensuring the safety and availability of this product.

The operation system of X5 is developed based on embedded computer technology and Linux operation system, which ensure the flexibility and stability of system. The software upgrades are provided for product maintenance updates and functional upgrades, which maintain the technological advancement and enhance product value.

Physical Specification

Size (L×W×D): 378mm×339 mm×60.5mm (including mat); 378mm×339 mm×56.5mm (without mat)

Weight: Approx. 4.5kg (including battery)

Approx. 3.79kg (without battery)

Monitor: 15.6" Widescreen and High-Resolution Color LCD monitor, LED backlight, anti-flickering and swivel (with adjustable open angle 0°-180°)

Probe port: 1, extendable

Advanced Technologies

  • New generation digital front-end technology
  • Multi-beam processing technology
  • Spatial compound imaging
  • µScan image processing technology
  • Tissue harmonic imaging (THI)
  • Pulse inversion harmonic imaging (PHI)
  • Graphic diagnosis icon


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