Mindray Ultrasound

Mindray produces portable ultrasound systems that yield outstanding image quality at affordable prices.

Mindray TE7
  Cutting-edge and intuitive design setting new standards in point-of-care ultrasound
Touch Enabled Ultrasound System

Superior image quality for rapid, confident decisions

With its superior image quality, touch enabled screen, intuitive user interface, and fast boot-up time, the TE7 supports rapid and confident evaluation of medical conditions at the bedside. Intuitive gesture controls and focused emergency and critical care exams minimize the user learning curve, with no need to navigate a knob cluttered keyboard. Simply select a focused exam preset and relevant functions become accessible on the top level screen. The easy to use touch screen is responsive even with gloves and gel, and is easily cleaned during an exam with a screen locking feature. A rich application suite and an ergonomic profile make TE7 an excellent choice to meet the required versatility and demands of the fast-paced point-of-care environment.
Mindray M8 Elite

Hand-Carried Diagnostic Ultrasound

Expanding the envelope of performance and flexibility

The Mindray M7 epitomizes the optimal combination of advanced imaging and miniaturization technologies. Mindray research and development engineers employ the System On Chip (SOC) design within the M7 ultrasound system. SOC enables complex technologies to be built into the M7's compact laptop style chassis.


Medical devices built around SOC designs are energy efficient and highly reliable.


The M7's exceptional image quality, user experience, and versatility have expanded the performance and flexibility envelope for hand carried ultrasound imaging systems.




Mindray M8 Elite

Voice Activated

The Mindray M8 Elite Portable Ultrasound Machine is based on Mindray's new generation ultrasound platform, mQuadro.


The Mindray M8 Elite has raised industry standards to an all new level.


Its advanced signal transmission and reception processors provide highly sensitive and accurate echo detection. 




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