Esaote MyLab One/Touch

    Esaote MyLab One/Touch

    Portable Ultrasound With A Touch

    The MyLab One/Touch is a revolutionary high performance arm-held ultrasound scanner with a 12″ full touch-screen display ultrasound system reflects perfectly today’s need for diagnostic capabilities in many different fields of application: Radiology, Cardiology, Phlebology, Women’s Healthcare, Orthopaedics, Regional Anesthesia, Sports Medicine, Interventional Rheumatology, Frist-Aid, Emergency, Vascular screening, and General Practice.

    Below is a generalized description of this systems technology, specifications, features, and options. The below may not reflect the features and options available on units in our inventory.

    Intuitive: User Interface Fully Operator-Oriented

    • Easy
    • Dedicated
    • Full Touch Screen Technology
    • Large Ultrasound Image
    • Preset Driven
    • Focus Touch Technology

    The intuitive touch screen provides the user with quick and easy access to all controls. Add impressive image quality and a compact design to make MyLab™One/Touch the most dedicated and focused solution for Point-of-Care ultrasound.

    Fast: At Point-of-Care Whenever You Need It
    Thanks to the compact design and integrated long-life battery, MyLab™One/Touch can easily and quickly be taken wherever ultrasound is needed from departments to bedside.

    • Compact And Mobile
    • Long-Life Integrated Battery
    • Wireless Connectivity
    Optimal Workflow
    The wireless connectivity standard integrated in MyLab™One/Touch offers the unique possibility to archive exams and receive patients’ information wirelessly between procedures, minimizing the time required for exam and patients’ data management.
    Multi-Probe Connector
    An elegant three-transducer module allows up to three transducers to be connected to the MyLab™One/Touch system, with active transducer selection via software.
    Built-in Transducer Controls
    At the end of procedures, MyLab™One/Touch can be easily and quickly cleaned, thanks to its flat front panel and smooth profile.
    The unique controls integrated into MyLab™One/Touch transducers allow remote function control, which is especially useful for quick actions and in sterile conditions.
    Easy To Clean
    At the end of procedures, MyLab™One/Touch can be easily and quickly cleaned, thanks to its flat front panel and smooth profile.
    Designed Around YouDedication to Point-of-Care means focus and attention to specific applications, inspiring technological developments that bring the most effective solutions. MyLab™One/Touch combines software with a user interface and features that are fully designed around the application. Plus, a complete set of accessories makes MyLab™One/Touch perfect for any clinical environment and workflow.
    • Wide High Quality Image
    • Efficiency Oriented Workflow
    • Intelligent Interface
    • On-Board Libraries
    • Easy Connectivity And Data Sharing
    • Dedicated Presets And System Configurations
    • Reports

    System Dimensions

    • Approximately 12.4” l x 13.38” w – 4.5” h
    • Weight: 13.23 lbs.
    • Operating Temperature: 15 ÷35°C; Humidity: 15÷95 % (not condensing)
    • Storage Temperature: -20 ÷ +60°C; Humidity:5÷95 % (not condensing)
    • Electrical: 110-240VAC

    System Summary

    • 12” TFT LCD touch screen
    • 256 gray levels or B-color levels
    • 2 active probe connectors
    • HDMI output (auxiliary monitor)
    • I/O connectors:
    • 2 USB
    • Dedicated connectors:
    • ZIF probe connector
    • Docking station
    • Power connector for DC adapter
    • Wireless
    • Integrated cooling system with very silent fans
    • Integrated microphone and speakers
    • Application dedicated factory presets, fully customizable
    • Live scanning on battery (approximately 60 minutes operating time)

    User interface

    • Full touch screen operation, can be operated with gloves using finger, knuckle or (sterile) stylus
    • Application dedicated factory presets, fully customizable
    • Onscreen programmable keys
    • Flat front, easy to clean and disinfect
    • Automatic User Interface Orientation (according to the orientation of the system)
    • Focus Touch Technology (for intuitive and quick focus positioning)

    Enhanced Image Processing

    • Tissue Enhancement Imaging (TEI™)
    • XView algorithm
    • M-View

    Operative Modes

    • B-Mode (2D)
    • Colorize 2D, M-Mode and PW/CW
    • B+B
    • M-Mode
    • PW Doppler(optional for MyLab Touch)
    • CFM-Mode (optional for MyLab Touch)
    • Power Doppler (optional for MyLab Touch)
    • TEI (Tissue Enhancement Imaging
    • TPView
    • MView on linear and convex probes

    Archiving Capabilities

    • Frozen images (full resolution)
    • Clips (full resolution) (optional)
    • Reports
    • Patient data, Annotations, Body marks and Measurements from the graphic overly
    • Compressed images and clips
    • Cine Memory: 128 MByte (500 frames, on average 25 seconds) Continuous loop with single modes
    • PC: ≥ 2 GByte
    • Hard disk: ≥ 250 GByte
    • Optional external DVD reader/writer
    • Internal Patient Database
    • User selectable filter for the database search
    • Frozen images and storage of sequences in DICOM 3.0 formats
    • Real Time Archive capability
    • Annotation capability on previously stored images

    Image files

    • Standard output file formats (BMP, PNG, JPEG, AVI)
    • Native and DICOM formats
    • Clips formats: AVI Codec: Microsoft MPEG4-V2 and Microsoft -Video1
    • Still frames: compressed (lossy, loss-less) and not compressed
    • Patient data, Annotations, Body marks and Measurements from the graphic overlays
    • Reports

    DICOM Connectivity

    • DICOM media storage
    • DICOM Print SCU
    • DICOM store
    • DICOM worklist

    Calculations & Reports

    • Generic measurements
    • Standard Calculation Packages for
      • Cardiology
      • Vascular
      • Women’s Health (Obstetrics: with programmable
        tables and Gynecology)
    • Standard biometry reports & user programmable reports
    • All the reports are automatically stored in the patient file

    Types of Transducer

    • Multifrequency Electronic Convex Array
    • Multifrequency Electronic Linear Array
    • Multifrequency Electronic Phased Array


    • SL3332 | 11-3 MHz Wide Linear Transducer
    • SL3323 | 13-4 MHz Linear Transducer
    • SL3235 | 18-6 MHz Wide Linear Transducer
    • SL3413 | 10-5 MHz Wide Linear Transducer
    • SC3421 | 8-1 MHz Curved Transducer
    • SC3123 | 10-3 MHz Micro Convex Transducer
    • SC3121 | 5-2 MHz Convex Transducer
    • SE3123 | 9-3 MHz Endocavity Transducer