2017 Vascular Access Payment Information

The following chart provides payment information that is based on the national unadjusted Medicare physician fee schedule for the ultrasound services discussed. Payment will vary by geographic region.

The information provided below is intended to assist providers in determining appropriate codes and the other information for reimbursement purposes. It represents the information available to United Medical Instruments as of January 2017. Subsequent guidance might alter the information provided. United Medical Instruments disclaims any responsibility to update the information provided. It is the provider’s responsibility to determine and submit appropriate codes, modifiers, and claims for the services rendered. Before filing any claims, providers should verify current requirements and policies with the applicable payer.

Vascular Access / Arterial Fistula Ultrasound and Procedural CPT Codes and Descriptions

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule – National Average*
CPT Code Description Private Office Hospital Professional Component Technical 2  Component
93971 Duplex scan of extremity veins including responses to compression and other maneuvers; unilateral or limited study $122.02 $122.02 $22.61 $99.41
93990 Duplex scan of hemodialysis access (including arterial inflow, body of access and venous outflow) $161.86 $161.86 $25.12 $136.74
G0365 Vessel mapping of vessels for hemodialysis access (Services for preoperative vessel mapping prior to creation of hemodialysis access using an autogenous hemodialysis conduit, including arterial inflow and venous outflow) $200.62 $200.62 $12.56 $188.06
76937 Ultrasound guidance for vascular access requiring ultrasound evaluation of potential access sites, documentation of selected vessel patency, concurrent real-time ultrasound visualization of vascular needle entry, with permanent recording and reporting $31.94 $31.94 $14.71 $17.23

1Professional Payment: use to estimate the reimbursement to the physician.
2Technical Payment: use to estimate the reimbursement to the technologist.

CPT™ five digit codes, nomenclature and other data are Copyright 2015 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. No fee schedules, basic units, relative values or related listings are included in CPT. The AMA assumes no liability for the data contained herein. Applicable FARS/DFARS restrictions apply to government use. 

Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 Adjustment has not been figured into the above global fees.