Philips EnVisor Omni III Transducer

Philips EnVisor Omni III Transducer

Tee Transducer


TEE Transducer | Probe Details:

  • Harmonic imaging reduces artifacts and improves images in difficult-to-image patients, providing superb endocardial definition for the evaluation of wall motion.
  • True electrocautery suppression provides virtual elimination of unavoidable noise artifact in 2D/harmonics and significant reduction of artifact in color flow.
  • Adaptive AutoCool automatically changes any imaging mode to fundamental 2D imaging when the probe tip reaches 42°C, preventing imaging downtime and enabling the user to concentrate on patient care rather than the system.
  • Advanced contrast imaging tools, including LVO and MCE, are finally available on a TEE transducer for research.
  • The balanced, ergonomically designed control handle makes OmniPlane III easy to hold and operate.

Note: SONOS 5500 customers will need the Ultraperformance upgrade to use the OmniPlane III TEE transducer.


  • TEE

Compatible System:

  • EnVisor
  • HD7 xe
  • HD11 xe

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